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Bromley Friends of the Earth


Overview of key FOE Campaigns

The campaigns being focussed on at the present time by National Friends of the Earth are The Bee Cause, Run on Sun and International Climate. Bromley Friends of the Earth supports these campaigns and is also involved in local issues, including Transport and Biggin Hill Airport and The Waste4fuel site in St. Pauls Cray. We are also actively involved locally with nature projects.

The Bee Cause

This campaign has been active for the last few years primarily to create bee worlds across the country and to persuade the government to create the National Pollinators Strategy to help protect our bees. Bromley Friends of the Earth have created two bee worlds within the borough so far! The Bee Cause will eventually evolve into a wider nature campaign.

Run on Sun

Run on Sun is Friends of the Earth's campaign to make it easy for schools to run on solar power - and save money to spend on pupils.
This campaign is about making the most of clean energy - so where better to start than on school roofs? Especially as solar is getting cheaper, making the rewards more rewarding!
Running on sun could make cash-strapped schools up to £8,000 a year in electricity savings and payments for generating clean energy. That's more money to spend on other things like school trips and sports equipment.
But if it's so good, why don't schools already do it?

Too often, schools:

Don't know solar can save them money;
Aren't sure how to get solar panels;
Can't afford the high upfront costs.

Which is why Run on Sun has been launched. To help them help themselves. Our aim is to make getting solar panels as easy as ordering text books

International Climate Campaign

Friends of the Earth is campaigning for a fair global climate deal.

It is working with others to help build a global climate campaign. Together with international partners, we are pushing for:

A new loss and damage mechanism to give compensation for those affected by climate change.

An increase in EU emission targets.

Carbon emissions cuts in line with science and justice.

Rich countries to provide finance and technology so poorer ones can act.

Clean and affordable energy as a solution to energy poverty.

An immediate ban on all new dirty energy projects including fracking.

In the UK, we are campaigning to get the UK government to do its bit and show leadership by setting science-based targets to decarbonise its own economy.

The UK needs to cut its emissions by 75% by 2030. But the Government's plans are a long way from achieving this.

In 2014 Friends of the Earth joined forces with civil society groups to draw up a Flood Emergency Plan and this is providing guidance for how activists and charities might better work together in the event of flooding.


Bromley FoE works towards improvements in all forms of public transport - from buses and trains, the tube etc. We also promote cycling, including safety issues for cyclists. This is achieved through taking part in consultations about new routes and services affecting South East London.

On the aviation front we monitor moves at Gatwick Airport that affect our borough, such as changes in flight paths, noise levels etc. We also strenuously oppose plans to expand Biggin Hill Airport.

Waste4Fuel site

BFOE aim to support this local campaign to get the rubbish removed from this closed rubbish depot in St. Pauls Cray. Local residents continue to suffer from the pollution and frequent fires on the site.