Bromley FoE Bee World

In 2012 Friends of the Earth began a campaign to create 60 Bee Worlds across the country and Bromley Friends of the Earth really wanted to join in, if a site could be found. Luckily the Council responded to our request in the search for a suitable site and introduced us to the grass meadows on Tugmutton Common in Locks Bottom, Orpington, along with the Friends of Tugmutton who help maintain the Common.

Friends of the Earth nationally began a campaign to create 60 Bee Worlds across the UK and they have now reached their target which is a marvellous achievement. During the 60 years the Queen has been on the throne the country has lost 97 percent of our natural grasslands which has not helped the bees and other pollinators, and we hope this new Bee World will create a small haven of essential food and shelter.

Our plot is in a grassland site and bordered by hedges, two wooded copses and some allotments at its furthest end. The area has grasses and one or two wildflowers already identified, but after we and the Friends Group dug it over and our seeds sown, we hope it will now become a very useful and pretty pathway for bees and other pollinators.

Some of the intitial work on the site - click here

Bee World Progress - as of 8th June 2013

Bee World Timeline display - click here

Jubilee Park Bee walk Pictures - Saturday June 15th - click here

New FoE wins award for Biodiversity category in Bromley in Bloom - Info - Certificate

New Bromley showing of Bee film 'More than Honey' Sat 2nd November 2013

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